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Cylinder/Medical Gas Cart
Model: CTC 501
Cylinder Cart - Front View Our Cylinder/Medical Gas Carts are engineered to be ergonomically safe and extremely mobile. For industries such as maintenance shops, welding facilities, medical facilities, and cylinder ìoxygen and acetyleneî tank operations. Our patented core design includes top quality construction, ergonomic efficiency, easy to maneuver and operate, and our stable no tilt feature. We have several options for carts sizes as well as carts available for all tank sizes. Contact us for more information on sizes and models.

Our Cylinder/Medical Gas Carts implement a three wheeled arrangement for a 360 degree turning radius allowing the cart to be easily maneuvered for one handed operation. Our patented and stable design reduces the risk of back injury and accidental tipping of the tanks. Our carts are built using high grade steel, heat resistant flatless tires, and polyurethane casters. The carts are developed and sold with our customers in mind and the safety of the direct worker in mind. We guarantee quality and a competitive price. We also have a smaller version of the cylinder cart. It was developed for the small body shops and small business with the need for our cart.

Now available: Firewall Option between tanks!

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Cart Documentation
Cylinder Cart - Raise and Lower Feature

Key Features
  • Large flat surface area for cylinder tanks
  • Carts available for all tank sizes
  • Onhand fire extinguisher location
  • Powder Coated Hammered Gray standard color (Can be Customized)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Large rubber coated wheels for easy mobility
  • 360° turning radius
  • Safe - no tilting required
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Tool tray
  • Customizable Additional Options
    We can custom design your cart for special requirements or needs. Contact Us for more information. Customized features may include:
  • Custom color choice
  • Larger wheels
  • Wheel protection
  • Chrome diamond-plated tool box
  • Heavy duty steel for heavier operation
  • Hook option available