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What is the cost of one back injury to a company in today's fast paced world?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) tells us that more than 600,000 employees suffer lost-workday from MSDs each year. This loss costs businesses more than $16 billion in worker's compensation costs annually. Total direct costs may run as high as $45 Billion or more annually.

Unfortunately, by using the kind of equipment that has always been on the market, most companies will continue to suffer these losses and employees will continue to suffer pain and injury due to low preforming carts.

Why do on-site work back injuries happen?
MSDs occur when workload and handling demands are not matched by the physical capacity of the worker and equipment he or she is using. This impacts workers at factories, delivery companies, material handlers, distributors and most other companies that move products from one location to another.

A solution for everyone
Each Complete Turn Cart hand truck design incorporates a patented three-wheeled design for a zero turn radius and no tilting required, eliminating back injury, tipping of cylinders or use of banding material.

Our carts are superior from anything else on the market because our carts take into account increasing productivity, ergonomic design, safety, and more!

Buy a Complete Turn Cart and benefit from the following:

  • Reduce lost productivity through worker back injuries including
       musculoskeletal disorders due to heavy lifting and back strain
  • Boost safety and health of employees
  • Stay ahead of safety regulations
  • Handle higher weight loads more safety
  • Increase balance capabilities for your workers
  • Complete Turn Carts Your Unique Patented Ergonomic Cart to Support Safety & Productivity

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